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Welcome, dear visitors! This site ( is updated since February 1997 and grew up to 150 MB of contents. Only a few MB of that are downloads! It's visited by players from all over the world and more than 100 countries. You can vote for this site at the C&C Top 200 by clicking the image.

This site is about the strategy-war-game Command & Conquer. It's a game, in real life I dislike wars. Particularly with regard to any attacks not legitimized by the UNO.

Apart from that, to my mind TCPA must be stopped. It's your freedom in danger!




  • Update for the links page. Added hints here (see below) about playing on XP.


  • Some updates in the files section.
  • It looks like the server is currently pretty slow and downloads have problems to complete.


  • I got email from RodOfNOD. He's a CnC player from the early days. He was searching for unit stats of CnC units. Those stats can be found at XCC. I added it to my links page. That site runs ladders for some of the CnC games too. Those guys of you missing the CnC ladder should ask Olaf from XCC if he would run a CnC ladder too ;-) According to my first short visit You can find there an editor and instructions for CnC too.
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Important informations:

  • Enjoy the most advanced OS: You can play C&C with MacOS X! Read my detailed test report here!
  • Troubleshooting XP: You can play C&C with Windows XP! Get the game update for it from me or Westwood's FTP server! After you install, right click on the executable and search for something that says "compatability mode". Change it to the proper operating system. This patch disables local area network games for C&C though, but you can play on WChat with it.
  • FreeCNC - a new C&C implementation for Linux, MacOS X on PPC, Windows98/ME/NT/XP, BeOS, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, QNX and Solaris on Sparc!
  • Facts that really hurt: Speed 1995 – why new hardware sux!

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